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"Gets It Done" is more than a slogan — it's a commitment to tangible results. In District 4, action is imperative, and my focus is on delivering real solutions to these key initiatives: 


“It is time for our cities and counties to step up and do more to fight homelessness and protect unhoused people. By prioritizing housing, we can face this ‘State of Emergency’ together.”


"The number one driver of homelessness is the cost of housing. As the cost of housing goes up, homelessness increases. This is why I continue to champion an all-in approach to producing and preserving affordable housing."

Violence Prevention

“We can prevent violence and increase safety by building strong, resilient communities. When communities are thriving and individual needs are met, violence is no longer as viable.” 

Illegal Dumping

"Illegal Dumping is a blight on our communities, and we all have a role to play in addressing it."

Supporting & Protecting Unincorporated Communities

“Uplifting our unincorporated communities isn’t just a matter of problem-solving or programming – it's a matter of justice.”

Senior Care

“We all deserve to age successfully and gracefully. Our senior communities should have access to crucial services provided by Alameda County and its cities.”

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