Senior Comprehensive Plan

Supervisor Miley has continued to be a champion for seniors while serving on the Board of Supervisors. He successfully led  the effort to reauthorize Measure A [L1] (Essential Health Care for All) in 2014, while simultaneously convening the Social Services Agency, Health Care Services Agency, community-based organizations, and service providers to develop a comprehensive plan for senior services. The plan will provide a framework for the County and service providers to deliver services that help seniors successfully age in place, maintain their quality of live, and live healthy and thrive. For more information on the development of the Senior Comprehensive Plan click here.

Fighting Homelessness

Alameda County is taking various actions to ensure homeless families and individuals have resources to find temporary and permanent shelter, transitional housing, and affordable housing. In December 2015 Supervisor Miley recommended for Board of Supervisors consideration to fully fund warming centers during the cold winter months. In making the recommendation, Miley said, "It is unacceptable that today in this County, we are still having this conversation about how to fund these safety-net services. No one should be out in the cold with no options for assistance." This action follows on the heels of Alameda County's action in 2013-14 to add an additional $9.8million to an existing countywide affordable housing program to assist cities in developing affordable housing for seniors and working families. For more information on what Supervisor Miley and Alameda County are doing to fight homelessness and increase affordable housing click here.  

Violence Prevention Initiative

In 2005, Alameda County adopted the Violence Prevention Blueprint: A Lifetime Commitment to Violence Prevention. This effort was spearheaded by Supervisor Miley to address many of the issues he was familiar with in Oakland communities from his time serving on the Oakland City Council. He recognized similar characteristics around health disparities, poverty, and lack of economic opportunities in the unincorporated communities of Alameda County. There is no one solution to solving complex issues around violence, but the Blueprint provides a framework for the County and communities to build around to address various issues. Many of the other initiatives Supervisor Miley has worked on, and continues to work on, with District 4 communities correlate with the Violence Prevention Blueprint. For more information on the Blueprint click here.

Eden Area Livability Initiative

The livability and health of our communities depends on a clearly defined vision of what we want our community to become in the future. Supervisor Miley has always thought that government works best when officials listen to their constituents. In 2007 the Eden Area Livability Initiative identified 24 possible projects or strategies. Together we have implemented over half of those projects and strategies. Because our work to improve our communities is never done, Supervisor Miley launched Eden Area Livability Initiative 2.0 to identify new priorities and provide residents even more access to and participation in their government. For the latest information on the Eden Area Livability Initiative click here.

Infrastructure & Economic Improvement

Supervisor Miley helped lead the effort to reauthorize Measure BB in 2014. Measure BB was an extension of an existing transportation sales tax (Measure B, 2000) that has already provided over $1 billion in transportation infrastructure improvements and public transit funding, such as the I-580 Redwood Road Interchange Project in Castro Valley and the State Route 84 Widening Project in Pleasanton. Measure BB is estimated to generate over $7 billion for transportation funding that will stay local and cannot be raided by the state. Supervisor Miley is leading efforts to improve pedestrian safety for students through unprecedented construction of sidewalks in Cherryland.  Prior to Supervisor Miley being elected, many neighborhoods in Cherryland had no sidewalks. He is also focused on regional issues such as goods movement, air quality, and housing affordability. For more information on Supervisor Miley's efforts to improvement our transportation network and bring funding to District 4 click here.

Safe Medication Disposal

Alameda County was the first county in the nation to pass a comprehensive Safe Medication Disposal Ordinance. Supervisor Miley moved this effort forward in 2012 despite major opposition from large special interest groups who threatened and eventually sued the County. Alameda County was vindicated in 2014 when the United States Supreme Court refused to hear the Pharmaceutical Industry's appeals for lower courts decision to uphold Alameda County's law. This groundbreaking legislation is being adopted by other counties throughout the nation and is in the process of being implemented in Alameda County. For more information on the Safe Medication Disposal Program click here.

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