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Contact the Nate Miley Campaign

Make a secure online contribution:

Mail a check, made payable to “Nate Miley for Supervisor,” to the following address:


Miley For Supervisor
P.O. Box 29753
Oakland, CA 94604


Please click here to fill out basic information the FPPC requires for campaign contributions. Completely fill out the form, print it and include it with your mailed check.

  1. Your occupation and employer are required for proper campaign finance reporting

  2. Max contribution per individual is $20,000 per election cycle

  3. If donating with a credit card, it must be a personal credit card

  4. To contribute you must be a United States citizen or permanent resident alien

  5. Contributions are not tax deductible

  6. Paid for by Nate Miley for Supervisor, FPPC ID #992285

Please contribute what you can to help in my reelection effort.  With your support I will be able to continue to advance the causes and work on the issues that are important to us.

Your contribution in support of my re-election is greatly appreciated. I sincerely value your support.

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