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Nate's Accomplishments

Learn more about the accomplishments of Supervisor Miley & the impact of his efforts to create a better future for everyone.

  • Currently leading negotiations between renters’ groups and rental providers’ groups to develop protections for tenants without adversely impacting small rental housing providers (most of whom are minorities, seniors, and retirees) and the supply of rental housing units

  • Passed the nation’s first pharmaceutical medication disposal ordinance through extended producer responsibility, an action that was upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court

  • Led the Measure A initiative, which has raised more than $2 billion for essential healthcare services in Alameda County since 2004

  • Led the effort to create the Fairview and Eden Area Municipal Advisory Councils

  • Successfully enacted measures to control tobacco smoking in restaurants, public places, and more recently, in multi-unit apartment buildings

  • Enacted the law creating the Board of Zoning Adjusters

  • Led the effort to amend the county-wide Measure D, to preserve and enhance agriculture

  • Successfully led the effort to provide millions of dollars to retrofit drayage trucks at the Port of Oakland and to fund shore power for cargo vessels

  • Supported the effort to fund the Castro Valley Library

  • Led the effort to fund and develop Youth Uprising, and have served on its non-profit board for most of its existence

  • Led the effort to create Ashland REACH Youth Center and have provided $500,000 annually to support its operation for the past 10 years

  • Led the effort to build the new Cherryland fire station, the first one in unincorporated Alameda County in more than 40 years.

  • Led the effort to fund and develop the multi-million dollar Cherryland Community Center, which the community had desired for decades.

  • Championed economic improvements in the unincorporated area that include Lake Chabot Public Market, Castro Valley Marketplace, Castro Valley Farmer’s Market, and Trader Joe’s

  • Championed significant public works and redevelopment infrastructure projects totaling more than $300 million, including the installation of sidewalks near schools, and the improvements of Castro Valley Boulevard, International Boulevard, Lewelling Boulevard, and multiple other streets

  • Led two successful efforts to fund disparity studies, to provide more economic opportunities for local businesses and women-owned enterprises, with a focus on African Americans

  •  Supported the creation of AB 617 for Impacted Air Quality Communities of Concern

  • Led the effort to convene three state-wide conferences to address illegal dumping

  • Championed the efforts for Measures C and W, both of which passed and will result in hundreds of millions of dollars to support childcare and safety-net services

  • Led the enactment of the sideshow ordinance for the Unincorporated Area

  • Successfully formed the Eden Area Livability Initiative, resulting in a vision for the Unincorporated Area.

  • Supported the funding for the food hub in Castro Valley through the Deputy Sheriff’s Activity League

  • Supported such vital efforts as Midnight Basketball, Youth Alive, and East Oakland Youth Development Center, plus funding for school-based health centers, all of which provide positive life-enrichment activities and services for our youth

  • Supported the funding of Measures B and BB for County-wide transportation initiatives, resulting in programs for youth and seniors through paratransit, safe routes to schools, and free student bus passes, as well as billions of dollars in transit and other highway-related projects

  • Led the effort for the enactment of the County’s Neighborhood Preservation Ordinance

  • Supported $29 million of CARES Act and ARPA funding to support COVID relief efforts in the unincorporated communities

  •  Successfully pushed for the County’s Self-Sufficiency Center with Oakland developer Alan Dones

  • Successfully pushed for funding for Oakland civic leader Geoffrey Pete to purchase the building that housed the historic Athenian Niles Club for renovation into Geoffrey’s Inner Circle

  • Supported the funding and development of the Fatherhood Initiative to encourage men’s healthy involvement in the lives of boys and girls, with a special focus on African Americans

  • Supported the effort to pass Measure X, which provides nearly $100 million for new construction or renovation of fire stations primarily in Unincorporated Alameda County

  • Supported efforts to provide resources and services to our formerly incarcerated, e.g. , AB 109 funding, Ban The Box, CBO housing and services

  • Successfully enacted Oakland’s local community policing ordinance and chaired the public safety committee as an Oakland City Councilman

  • Led the effort to champion pedestrian safety solutions and was known as ‘The Speed-Bump King’ during my tenure on the Oakland City Council

  • Successfully fought against the Dunsmire Ridge Development, which was widely opposed by the community for multiple reasons, as an Oakland City Councilman

  • Successfully fought to address problems originating from the proliferation of alcohol outlets in low-income minority communities as an Oakland City Councilman

  • Led the effort for the successful funding and development of the Eastmont Police Facility and the Eastmont Branch of the Public Library as an Oakland City Councilmember

  • Led the effort to create the joint powers lead-abatement authority while on the Oakland City Council

  • Founded the United Seniors of Oakland and Alameda County as an Oakland City Councilman, which has a 37-year track record of accomplishment to improve the quality of life for seniors throughout Alameda County

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