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"Delivering services to our communities is important to me. Over the years we have accomplished a lot to remove blight, address homelessness, improve pedestrian safety for students and seniors, expand health care for the most vulnerable, and protect our environment. I look forward to continuing to work with you and serve the residents of District Four." - Nate Miley, Supervisor Fourth District

Countywide       Oakland       Eden Area       Pleasanton



  • Lead coalition to keep Oakland’s Feather River Camp open.

  • Works to infuse violence prevention principles in all county initiatives.

  • Organized the annual Healthy Living Festival to celebrate healthy aging and bring services to thousands of older adults annually.

  • Opened a women’s re-entry health clinic in East Oakland

  • Authorized a state-of-the-art homeless facility for families and those suffering with HIV/AIDS at the East Oakland Community Project.

  • Led the county’s effort to turn an old run-down county facility into the award winning Youth Uprising, rooted in strategic collaborations and powered by youth leadership to create healthier, safer, and economically robust communities.

  • Supported 26 countywide school-based health clinics to improve students health and learning.

  • Enacted local ordinance to regulate alcohol outlets to protect youth and communities.

  • Organized the Oakland Community Festival with the Alameda County Public Defender to provide reentry services and know your rights training. 

  • Supported construction and local hire requirements on $1 billion Acute Tower Hospital replacement project at Highland.

  • Working with Oakland residents to address airport noise impacts to Oakland neighborhoods.

  • Maintaining open and productive relationship will all 3 of Oakland’s sports teams to retain them in Oakland.

  • Supports reentry programs like Mean of Valor and Cypress Mandela to help provide training and jobs to citizens reintegrating back into communities.

  • Worked with Alameda County Public Works to lead graffiti and blight abatement efforts in creeks and flood control channels on County property in Oakland.

Eden Area

  • Secured $90 million of county general fund money to reinvest in urban unincorporated communities to build the Cherryland Community Center, Cherryland Fire Station, Castro Valley Streetscape, affordable housing in Ashland, and many other projects.  

  • Increased funding for the installation of sidewalks throughout urban unincorporated communities of Ashland, Cherryland and Castro Valley.

  • Opened state-of-the-art Castro Valley Library, which provides not only books, but also public access to the Internet, community gathering spaces, and educational opportunities for youth and adults alike, all in a green facility that is U.S. Green Building Council LEED Gold rated.

  • Championed the Ashland REACH Youth Center – County run youth center to be completed in 2012.

  • Passed a billboard relocation and advertising ordinance to improve visual aesthetics of communities.

  • Hosted a series of workshops for Community Based Organizations throughout the unincorporated areas to promote effective service delivery.

  • Designed and funded the Eden Area Livability Initiative which serves as the blueprint for quality of life improvements and local governance in the unincorporated areas.

  • Supported Williamson Act to preserve agriculture in Alameda County.

  • Created the Fairview Traffic Advisory Committee to implement traffic calming measure.

  • Created the Castro Valley Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee to improve bicycle and pedestrian safety.

  • Led efforts to widen State Route 238 and opened the I-580 interchange on Redwood Road.

  • Expedited the opening of Safeway at the 580 Marketplace in Castro Valley.

  • Backed efforts to open the Cop shop at the Ashland Community Center to provide Sheriff's Deputies with community oriented policing.

  • Pushed for the construction of a smaller Juvenile Hall on the county's Fairmont campus to replace the old one and support alternatives to detention.


  • Held countless meetings with constituents, community organizations, and government agencies to make the county responsive to your concerns.

  • Supported the extension of Stoneridge Drive, as well as State Route 84 enhancement.

  • Supported expansion of Iron Horse Trail.

  • Supported the development of the East Dublin/Pleasanton BART Station and parking structure treatments.

  • Worked with Public Works to modify the no left turn restriction from Westbridge Lane to Happy Valley Road. 

  • Supports the extension of BART to Livermore and lead effort to pass Measure BB to ensure funding was in place for the project.

  • Supported the construction of the new East County Courthouse in Dublin.

  • Supported the Smart Grid Project at Santa Rita Jail to promote energy efficiencies and provide energy services.

  • Ensured the development of the bus turnaround by the ACE station was completed.

  • Worked with Public Works to install radar feedback signs on Foothill Road and Happy Valley Road to slow traffic.

  • Provided funding to Axis Clinic to secure medical equipment.

  • Secured funding for the Senior Support Program of the Tri-Valley for in-home counseling.

  • Secured funding for Valley Care to provide meals to children. 

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Eden Area
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